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Our Coffees

We have been roasting coffee in Phuket since 2010 and we like to think that we’re getting quite good at it now. We use only fresh, premium-quality coffee beans sourced locally and from abroad in our state-of-the-art Probat P12 machine.

Freshness is the hallmark of specialty coffee so we roast our beans at least twice a week to ensure a constant supply of fresh coffee. All orders are shipped within 4 days of roasting so you can enjoy our coffee exactly as we want you to.

Did you know that coffee remains fresh, retaining its flavours, body and aroma for only 3 weeks from the date of roasting? We apply this 3 week rule for all our shop coffee and online coffee.

But did you also know that coffee needs “degassing” for one week after roasting to allow carbon dioxide, which causes a harsh and bitter taste, to be released? So the ideal time to brew coffee is from day 7 until day 21 post roast. Purchasing coffee weekly or fortnightly is therefore ideal. All of our coffee is clearly marked with the roast date to help you keep track.




We offer a choice of local and imported coffees as single origins and blends. Single origin coffees are harvested from a particular farm or region. Blends are mixes of 2 or more single origins. Generally, we use blends for espresso-based drinks and single origins for all non-espresso brewing methods. Thai coffee is protected by a 90% tax on imported coffee, so single origin imported coffees and blends using imported coffees are substantially more expensive.

Most of our roasts are medium but we can roast lighter or darker on request. All our coffees are available in 250g, 500g and 1 kilo sizes, hygienically packed in Ziplock bags with gas release valve.

We can grind your coffee for you before sending it, depending on your preferred brewing method. We will mark the grind setting number on the bag for future reference.

We will be steadily expanding our range of roasted coffees as we find reliable, premium suppliers. In the meantime, we would be delighted to roast special orders to your taste from the green bean inventory below (1 kg minimum order).

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