We carefully select the best available arabica coffee beans from Thailand and around the world and roast small batches of coffee daily at our Surin Beach shop. So our coffee is always fresh and our coffee bags are always stamped with a recent roast date.

On request, we can pre-grind the coffee to your specifications.

Our Coffee beans for sale are listed below and other varieties are also available on a seasonal basis. Coffee can be purchased at our Surin Beach shop or online and posted by Thailand post-EMS. Postage charges are additional.

Thai Arabica – Doi Pahee

Shade grown 1500 meters, organically farmed, wet process
Medium body with dark chocolate and citrus tones.

Good for use as espresso French press or drip.

250g – 300 THB
5008 – 500 THB
1 kg – 900 THB

Espresso Blend

Thai, Africa and Indonesia blend.
Medium body, sweet smooth flavor, balanced acidity, malt, chocolate, caramel

250g – 400 THB
500g – 700 THB
1 kg – 1,350 THB

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (washed)

One of the most loved coffees on the planet. Sweet, fruty, floral and aromatic some tea like qualities.
Best used as drip, filter, French press or cold brew.

250g – 500 THB
500g – 900 THB
1 kg – 1,700 THB

Sulawesi Toraja

Earthy full body sweet
Filter drip French press

250g – 500 THB
500g – 900 THB
1 kg – 1,700 THB

For wholesale inquiries please contact us for prices (reasonable minimum orders apply). We can deliver anywhere in Phuket or send anywhere in Thailand by EMS postage (usually 1-3 days from the order date).